Bird origami tea bags

I’m into origami at the moment, and while googling for some inspiration I came across this cool origami tea bag designed by Natalia Ponomareva from Russia (not to be confused with the figure ice-skater). What an ingenius idea – the tea bag gradually unfolds into an origami bird as the tea infuses. Although I’m abit … Continue reading

Etsy online shop

While my actual online shop is under construction, I’ve set up for the time being on Etsy. The photos are temporary shots I’ve taken myself, but the professional ones are coming soon, promise!

Handmade tags and cards

To compliment the theme of sustainability and recycling, I decided to make my own business cards and swing tags. A quick trip to Reverse Garbage, $2 worth of cardboard, hours of cutting and rubber stamping later, here they are, hundreds of them! Homemade, raw, and no machines involved. Only one thing – my arms are … Continue reading

South Sydney Markets

My very first market event will be at the South Sydney Markets this Sunday the 4th of July, or Independence Day if you are American. I’ll be there from 10am – 3pm, come say hello and buy some designer goodies!

Glebe Markets

Hooray! I got a spot for the Glebe Markets on Saturday July 31st 2010. Just on time too, as when I got there and lined up, there were only 3 left! It is like a meat markets over there, but I’m sure it will be totally worth it! Now I still need to shop for … Continue reading

Labels galore!

Trying to use organic and recycled materials is time-consuming! This week I’ve spent many hours cutting these little cotton labels up since they all came in a roll. Yesterday I was digging around at Reverse Garbage to source cardboard to be recycled as swing tags. That place is insane! I also found some cool cable … Continue reading

organic sydney homewares

Hello friends! This is the first official blog post for s.p.y.downunder, a new homewares label I’ve recently started in Sydney. The focus is to utilize sustainable and organic materials as much as possible which includes the labels and packaging. Been working on it for months now. Who knew making simple cushions and napkins required so … Continue reading