Do you have a favourite shirt?

Space invaders tshirt

Fancy a Space Invaders t-shirt? Or perhaps one of a Zombie Care Bear? Whatever you can think of, there’s a very good chance the folks at Tee Fury have it, and you have be rest assured there won’t be somebody else wearing it at the beach (like those damn Bintang t-shirts – yes, we know … Continue reading

At the Powerhouse

Sydney Design 2010

This Friday, the 31st of July, in conjunction with Sydney Design and fastBREAK at the Powerhouse Museum organized by VibeWire, I’ve been invited to donate some products as part of a designer goodie bag to be given away at the event. Of course I said yes! Not only am I incredibly flattered to be part … Continue reading


For those of my friends who know me really well, you’ll understand my freakish obsession with home decor. Even when half the clothes in my wardrobe are beginning to fall apart and new clothes really should be on the agenda, instead I would find myself buying useless (but cute) stuff for my living room. I … Continue reading

Sea urchin love

Ecoinspired cushions

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Karen from Ecoinspired, a small studio screen-printing a variety of designs inspired by nature. My favourites are these sea urchin cushions which I think would totally go on my couch, if it were not already overflowing with other cushion varieties. I am seriously beginning to … Continue reading

Weekly travel photo: Swiss Alps

Lots of snow in the Swiss Alps

The photo speaks for itself. Aren’t the Swiss Alps absolutely stunning? I love the cute little snow-capped cottages at the bottom.

Collection [one]

My moleskine cover

A bunch of happy faces

My face magnets from Retronana are here! Up they went on my fridge the moment I unpacked them from their envelope. These are so cute and smiley I need to steal glances at my fridge every 5 minutes.

Weekly travel photo: Poissy

Villa Savoye, Poissy

I’ve decided to try and do a weekly travel photo series, where I’ll post favourite pictures from my worldly experiences that inspire me everytime I look back on them. This photo was taken on a beautiful autumn day, when I took an hour-long train ride out of Paris to ogle at Villa Savoye. This is … Continue reading

Urban artwork

Napkins as urban art

In the next few days I’ll be putting together a collection of images into an e-catalogue. I’ve spent my Sunday afternoon taking more high-resolution photos. As an independent designer, there are no such thing as weekends or 9-5 days, as all the hours and days are jumbled up into one big hazy week anyway! Here’s … Continue reading

Photoshoot and napkin-folding

Folded napkins

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon on the official photo shoot for my range of cushions and napkins. As a bit of preparation the night before, I turned to The Napkin Folding Guide to learn some nifty tricks for presenting them in various ways. As you can see from the website, which one to choose?