The city at your wrist


As a lover of all things urban and designer-y, how could I not fall in love with this cool piece of jewellery by Design Hype Inc? I think this will be my birthday present to myself next month. Found via Springwise. Advertisements

May the force be with you this Monday!

Star Wars Cookies

These ultra-cute cookies almost makes me wish I knew how to bake. The baking force is not strong in this one, but one can still admire them!

Folding fun

Paper scale models

For all your architectural nerds out there, look what I found at Upon A Fold? Your very own 1:100 scale model people.

Happy Monday!

Here’s a cute cutting board to make your Monday dinner preparation a little bit more fun.

Hello Twitter

I’m really quite rubbish at social networking, but decided to succumb to Twitter. So here I am, Twitter people! I’m gonna try my best to tweet savoury updates!

Awesome underwater photography

Mark Mawson photography

I love this photo by Mark Mawson. Isn’t it amazing what a camera is capable of doing?

Competitor crush

I have just discovered this awesome Melbourne brand Make Me Iconic. Technically, they’re my competitors, but I don’t care. I love all their stuff, and decided to get myself one of these mugs as an early birthday present to myself. The bane of my existence – the Melbourne hook turn.

Online store love!

I’m now part of Hard To Find, an online store with loads of really nice things (including mine, yay!). I wanna buy so many things myself (but not until I get some orders)!

Weekly travel photo: Shanghai, China

Lots of chairs in Shanghai

This week’s travel photo comes from my friend Calvin who is currently residing in China and catches strange and extraordinary phenomenons such as this abundance of chairs in Shanghai.

August Desktop Wallpaper

Cookie desktop wallpaper

It’s that time of the month again! Yes, time to change my desktop wallpaper calender. This month, I’ve picked this awfully cute one by Jennie Waterous.