Somewhere in the design world, an independent designer and travel junkie with a background in architecture decided to venture into creating fun things for your home. Memories collected during trips abroad are somehow weaved into the designs, all with a limited colour palette, strong graphical designs, and made with organic materials from sustainable sources. Combined with a love of words and art, a homeware collection was born. All items you see on this website have been brainstormed over hot cups of tea, and made with love.

Fact: s.p.y. is an acronym of my first and middle names.

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Karen Brock says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Good to meet you at the meeting last night. My head was full of jumbled thoughts when I left….lots of stories and bits and pieces of information swimming around in my head meant I didn’t really sleep much.
    I have lots to do today but I did just want to stop by and say Hi on your blog. Love your style. Keep it up…I think you’ll do really well.
    Thought you may be interested in taking a look at http://www.wix.com. It’s free to build your own website and super easy. They have some really cool templates to work with. You just pay for the cost of hosting your site.
    are you ok with me writing a blog post about your work? Can I use one of your photos from this site?
    I’ll also add you as a favourite blog.

    • Pip says:

      Yes great to meet everyone the other night. There certainly is so much to think about at any given point. I really love your work Stephanie and look forward to seeing more.
      I have already written this blog last week but lost it.
      Bye for now

  2. s.p.y. says:

    Thanks for all the support and looking forward to working together 🙂

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