Inside Out feature

I was flicking through the May/June 2011 issue of Inside Out magazine, and imagine my surprise when I saw my designs in the background! There was even a mention of us! Thanks to Emma and John from Sweets Workshop for choosing to include us in the picture! In other news, I have been busy with … Continue reading

An ironic Sydney icon

The irony is that I love this great new cushion from Make Me Iconic, but I totally hate Cityrail.

Folding fun

Paper scale models

For all your architectural nerds out there, look what I found at Upon A Fold? Your very own 1:100 scale model people.

Happy Monday!

Here’s a cute cutting board to make your Monday dinner preparation a little bit more fun.

Awesome underwater photography

Mark Mawson photography

I love this photo by Mark Mawson. Isn’t it amazing what a camera is capable of doing?

Competitor crush

I have just discovered this awesome Melbourne brand Make Me Iconic. Technically, they’re my competitors, but I don’t care. I love all their stuff, and decided to get myself one of these mugs as an early birthday present to myself. The bane of my existence – the Melbourne hook turn.


For those of my friends who know me really well, you’ll understand my freakish obsession with home decor. Even when half the clothes in my wardrobe are beginning to fall apart and new clothes really should be on the agenda, instead I would find myself buying useless (but cute) stuff for my living room. I … Continue reading

Sea urchin love

Ecoinspired cushions

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Karen from Ecoinspired, a small studio screen-printing a variety of designs inspired by nature. My favourites are these sea urchin cushions which I think would totally go on my couch, if it were not already overflowing with other cushion varieties. I am seriously beginning to … Continue reading

Photoshoot and napkin-folding

Folded napkins

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon on the official photo shoot for my range of cushions and napkins. As a bit of preparation the night before, I turned to The Napkin Folding Guide to learn some nifty tricks for presenting them in various ways. As you can see from the website, which one to choose?

Wear your bed

This could be you lounging in your Lazypatch

Last year, when the middle of winter presented 15℃ sunny blue skies, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my European friends going through minus-degree temperatures. Thus being an extremely spoilt creature used to nice winter weather, I begin to panic when a ‘real’ winter hits Sydney. The past few days have seen 2℃ mornings … Continue reading